Individual Health Insurance

ACA Qualified Health Coverage (Age 0-64)

Stay on top of the ever-changing landscape of healthcare—especially the ins and outs of the Affordable Care Act—by knowing your responsibilities for qualifying every member of your family and what they will mean come tax time.

Medicare Plans (Age 65+)

So many choices, so many questions, so many conflicting answers. Let a SYNC Medicare solutions expert guide you through the confusing world of health coverage whether you already are or soon will be 65 years of age.

Temporary Health Coverage

Lost your coverage? Self-employed? Between jobs or need short-term health coverage for any other reason? You have options. And a SYNC individual insurance associate is just the person to explain them all to you.

Individual Dental

Dental Coverage is a wonderful—and less expensive—addition to add to a package of individual health care that can save hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars. Ask one of our healthcare insurance experts to SYNC you up.

Individual Vision

Regular vision checkups and saving on more involved procedures can be a valued addition to a person's pocketbook and peace of mind. Ask your SYNC representative to explain your vision coverage options.